I've had fun over the years, creating
various scripts for my web pages. I work in
JavaScript and PHP, which are two very different
languages. The JavaScripts I'm releasing, but the PHP
scripts require a specific server side program to run them.

I am open to inquiries about PHP scripts if you know of a particular one I have that you want. Please write me at webmaster@atuan.com.

Pop-Up Menu Script
I am immensely pleased with the pop-up menus I've written for use here on Atuan. The script is reasonably easy to use, very portable, and will work for approximately 95% of the people who view it. Getting cross-browser DHTML to work properly for that many people is difficult, and I'm pleased to say that my script avoids some of the troubles other scripts I've seen have.

Context-Menu Script
A variation of the Pop-Up Menu Script, this script brings up a menu when the user clicks a link, at the precise coordinates of the mouse cursor. This can be useful in some situations. The script was inspired by an old script (circa July 1997) by Netscape employee Gary Smith. My version does the same thing, but I didn't actually use any of Mr. Smith's code -- it was TREMENDOUSLY complex given its function.

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