Activeworlds is a shared 3D environment that
can be accessed on the web. Opened in 1995, it's
the oldest such program. Thousands of people use
AW to chat, explore, play games, and most importantly,
construct vast and exotic homes for themselves in this virtual world.

I became an Activeworlds user when I was a freshman at CU Boulder. A fellow student had to use it as part of an introductory level class, and asked my help in setting it up. I fell in love, and shortly thereafter began learning to build.

Building is the best part of Activeworlds. Chatting with people is all fine and well, but the capability to construct new buildings out of existing bits and pieces is what sets this program apart. When you were a child, you probably longed to own a secret, wild place of your own, where you and you alone held power. Who hasn't wished for a castle, or a desert island with palm trees?

In Activeworlds, you can build places like these for yourself. I, for one, have a castle. I not only have a castle, I have a cathedral, a feudal village, several assorted temples in varying states of decay, a mountain full of surreal tunnels, and much more.

I am eager to share this wonderful world with all comers. I have put together some tutorials:

Getting Started with AW
Basic Building in AW
Take a tour of my own buildings to see what's possible, or
visit my Database of AW buildings.

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