For now, I'll content myself with
links to various sites I've made, both
on this and on other servers. In the future,
though, I'll move the projects to new homes here.

SHIP Computer Page
An informational page I put together about doing computer stuff at my college, CU Boulder. It's been around for a while and been renovated several times.

Study Abroad in Lancaster
This one's a fairly recent page I made just after returning from a year of study at Lancaster University, Britain. It's intended to be a reference page full of nitty-gritty details about what you will need and what you can do on campus at Lanaster U. This is another page which probably will be moved here, unless the CU Study Abroad Office wants to give it an official home on CU servers for the use of future students.

Active Worlds Database
There's a link to this from my Active Worlds page, too, but I thought I'd put a link here for good measure. If you want to know what it's about, please visit the AW section. :-)

And that's it for the projects section for now -- more stuff later as I create it.

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