This Context Menu script was inspired
by an enormously complex script by Netscape
employee Gary Smith in July 1997. His script only
worked in Netscape, which is a distinct design issue now
that the majority of folks are using Internet Explorer to browse.

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Don't get me wrong, his script was great, especially considering how early in the history of scripting it was. The things he had to do to get it to work were incredible -- the script was 750-some lines of code, just for a little pop up context menu.

Most of his script was terra incognita to me, so I ditched it and started from scratch. Or rather, I adapted my pop-up menus script to serve the same purpose. My script has the same functionality for considerably less code, and it works in both Netscape and IE 4+.

Note: I have recently discovered that in IE 4.01 Macintosh Edition has a slight bug; the menus function all right, but when they appear there are bits and pieces of them that remain invisible until you move the mouse cursor over that spot. I suspect that this is a bug in IE Mac 4.01, not in the script.

There's not too much to be done about users with 3.0 browsers, other than to encourage them to upgrade to a newer version. The script does not work in Mozilla, NS 6.x, Galeon, or Konqueror at this time, though I hope to include support for these in the not-too-distant future.

The files are archived in .zip format, 5.71KB. There is also a bzipped tarball (3.9KB) available for Linux/Unix users. The archives includes these files:


The .js file is the script, the .css is the required style sheet, the .html is a demo file like one above, and the readme contains installation instructions, contact info, and so on.

Click here to download the Context Menus archive in .zip format.
Click here to download the Context Menus archive in .tar.bz2 format.

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