Okay, so far not much in the Languages
section. I've begun putting up the Hieroglyphs
area, but that is going to be a LOOOONG project,
so don't hold your breath. Still not sure what I'm going
to do with the Anglo-Saxon, and haven't even started the Latin.

I'm working on a webbed version of Egyptian Hieroglyphic Grammar, by Samuel Alfred Brown Mercer. The text is now in the public domain, and when I took hieroglyphs this is the textbook I used. This is FAR from done. So far I've put up:

  • The Table of Contents
  • The Introduction
  • Chapter 1
Plus a short introduction to the book, and a font which is need for transliterations to display properly. I am not happy with this font, as it is practically illegible at 14 point, and I'm looking into alternatives; either I will find another font which looks better, or I will make my own. In fact, I've already made my own, but it's even less legible than the original, so I haven't put it up yet.

I'm planning on putting up a copy of Serpentum et Draconum Historiae by Ulysses Aldrovandi. Written in 1600, this book is a "history" of snakes and dragons. I am thinking specifically of putting up the second section of the book, which is concerned with dragons. Mythical beasts -- and the history of how societies have percieved them -- fascinate me. My university has a copy. However, the book is rather long, and will take a LONG time to copy out and translate into English. So don't hold your breath waiting for THIS project, either. I have other things to do too.

More commonly known as Old English, this is the language spoken in England prior to the Norman conquest but after the Roman withdrawal in 410. I don't quite know what I'll put up for this. I'll think of something, eventually.

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