The pop-up menus here at Atuan work
well in many browsers. I have been able to
test them in quite a few browsers, and they
function reliably in nearly all of them. There are still a few
browsers/platforms I haven't tested yet, so feedback is welcome.

These are the browsers I have tested the menus in:

  • Internet Explorer for Windows 5 and 5.5
  • Internet Explorer for Macintosh 4.01, 5, 5.5
  • Netscape for Windows 4.08 to 4.72
  • Netscape for Macintosh 4.7x
  • Mozilla 0.7 to 0.9.9
  • NCSA Mosaic 1.0 via emulator
  • Netscape 0.9 and 1.0 via emulator
  • Internet Explorer 2.0 via emulator
  • Konqueror (KDE 2.2.2.)
  • Opera 6 (Windows)
There are some oversights here that I haven't been able to remedy. Specifically, I haven't been able to find anybody with a copy of IE for Windows 4.x, nor have I come across anyone with a copy of IE for Windows 3.2. As far as I know, IE did not support the Macintosh until version 4. I have no idea whether Netscape was available for the Mac in its earlier stages. Recently I've begun using Linux, and have been able to test the scripts in browsers on that platform -- Mozilla and Konqueror.

Note: I have run tests in all of the above browsers -- but that doesn't mean that the script worked in all of them. Just most of them. It works well in IE for both Windows and Mac, versions 5 and 5.5. Although I haven't been able to test it out, I am reasonably confident that the menus will work well in IE 4 and 6. There are no troubles in Netscape 4.x-4.7x for either platform. Recent versions of Mozilla (0.9.0 and up) work fine, though I had to work around a bug. (See Bugzilla #102792 for more info on that). Opera 6 displays the menus fine (I haven't tested the Linux or Mac versions though).

It does not work in Konqueror 2.2.2, thought it may work in the new KDE 3.0 release, which I have yet to try.

Oh, and I mentioned that I tested some super-early versions of various browsers via emulator: the results were laughable. There really isn't much to be done about users with 3.0 and lower browsers, other than to encourage them to upgrade.

Basically, this script should work reliably for roughly 99% of the web browsing public.

The package is available in two formats: .zip and .tar.bz2. Mac users ought to be able to open either of these with the proper utilities; Windows people should get the .zip, and Linux/Unix users will probably want the bzipped tarball. They each contain these files:

  • popup-menus.js
  • popup-menus.css
  • popup-demo.html
  • popup-readme.txt

The .zip package is 6 KB. Click here to download.
The .bz2 package is 5 KB. Click here to download.

The astute reader will notice that this is not the same script as I am using here on Atuan. The one which I use I have further modified to include support for rollover images, and to use a slightly more elegant workaround for the Mozilla bug. (The elegant workaround requires PHP). If you're interested in seeing, the exact script I use here, click here. Eventually I may get my act together and issue a script which combines rollovers, pop-ups, and context menus into one big script. But don't hold your breath waiting for it, okay?

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