I have been a citizen of Activeworlds since
Thursday, Oct 22, 1998. In that time I have built
myself a large estate in the isolated fringe of north
west Alphaworld. With no false modesty, I am a pretty good
builder, and I like to display the regions I've constructed.

I first learned to build as a tourist, waaay back when. The citizen who taught me to build, Druid Allanon, has long since vanished into the woodwork. I myself have taught a few people to build, including SouL Man, who has since become a teacher for AW School and given hundreds of others their first building lessons. I like the feel of continuity that the Active Worlds community has. Although Druid Allanon no longer visits the universe, his touch can still be seen in the buildings he created, and in the buildings I have made, and those that my students and SouL Man students have made.

Note: I've used "teleport" links on these pages which can teleport you directly to the areas described. If you are using the AW browser, go ahead and click them. If you are using an external browser, click here for setup instructions.

Without any further ado, here is a list of the top sights to see in my estate:

Enjoy your visit, and keep in mind that these four places are just a tiny portion of my entire realm, which is quite large.

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