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I use this domain to play with web pages. You are
welcome to look around and see what projects I have
cooking. The site is divided into 5 main sections, as you can see.

This section is about, surprise, my interests. There are sections for Active Worlds and my various projects.

I enjoy learning dead languages. I've studied three so far -- Latin, Egyptian Heiroglyphs, and Anglo-Saxon, the parent language of modern English. These three sections are going to be long-term projects, and will probably develop slowly, since I am a full time student, and don't have as much time to work on web stuff as I'd like. But here's a break down of what I'm going to put there:

In the Latin section, I'm planning on putting up a copy of Serpentum et Draconum Historiae, by Ulysses Aldrovandi. This book is a history of snakes and dragons, written in 1600, which my university is fortunate enough to have a copy of. The section will include both the original Latin and my translation of the second book in the volume, which is concerned with dragons. As I say, this is a LONG term project. The book consists of about a hundred pages of closely-spaced Elizabethan Latin. For those of you who don't speak the language, that's a lot.

In the section for Egyptian Heiroglyphs, I intend to reproduce the textbook from my Heiroglyphs class. The book is Egyptian Heiroglyphic Grammar by S. A. B. Mercer. It was printed in 1926, and the copyright has expired, so I am free to reproduce it in web form. Some of Mercer's text could use some expansion, so I'll be adding comments to it based on what I learned from my professor, Dr. Boulos Ayad.

As for the Anglo-Saxon section, well, I'm really not too sure what I want to put there. However, I'm taking more Anglo-Saxon this term, and I expect I'll be able to think of something.

Le Guin
This link contains a short biography of Ursula K. LeGuin, well-known and loved fantasy author. Her best work, in my opinion, is her EarthSea trilogy. The books are classics of high fantasy, sublimely written. I got the name Atuan from the title of the second book in the trilogy, The Tombs of Atuan, so I thought I should include a page about Madam LeGuin in the site, by way of thanks. I also intend to include links to her books on Amazon.com, to encourage visitors to read her books.

In the Code section, I will have downloadable copies of the code used on this site to create the pop-up menus, along with a few other pieces of code I've put together over the years.

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