Mt. Cruitreacha is my largest and most
complex build. Inspired by Mount Bob, it is a
mount filled with corridors and rooms. Mount Bob is
the classic peak of Alphaworld, constructed by Rjinswand
in the days before we had modular hill objects. Still worth a visit.

I took Mount Cruitreacha a little further. In addition to the building, I made web pages which display at certain points as you explore the mountain, describing the rooms. It makes the area sort of like one of those "choose your own adventure" books that people read in elementary school. Here is a view of Mount Cruitreacha from the south:

Mount Cruitreacha

The interior of Mount Cruitreacha is large, and complex. It is easy to get disoriented, and people have been known to become totally lost. The sights inside are worth it, though. Here is a screen shot of the Golden Forest:

Golden Forest

And here's the Jewelled Cavern:

Jewelled Cavern

The Golden Forest and the Jewelled Cavern are actually rather easy to find. If you want more of a challenge, try to find the Painted Room:

Painted Room

If you'd like to visit Mount Cruitreach, click here, or teleport to aw 2022.5N 32138W 1A. Make sure you have your Show Web browser turned on!

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