Setting up the Activeworlds MIME type

If you have AW, but you're using an external browser such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, or Mozilla, you will need to set up the Activewords MIME type before you can click on a "teleport" link. The following are exact instructions for each major browser. I got these instructions from The Alphaworld Mapper. Thanks to the maintainers of that cool resource!

In Mozilla and Netscape Navigator (Communicator) 4.x and above:

  • Edit menu
  • Preferences...
  • Navigator -> Applications category
  • New Type... button
  • Description of type: Active Worlds teleport location
  • File extension:
  • aw (or nothing at all)
  • MIME Type: application/x-activeworld
  • Application to use: your full path to aworld.exe
  • OK button
  • OK button

In Netscape Navigator 3.x:

  • Options menu
  • General Preferences...
  • Helpers tab
  • Create New Type... button
  • MIME Type: application
  • MIME SubType: x-activeworld
  • OK button
  • Launch the Application... radio button
  • (fill in the entry field with your full path to aworld.exe)
  • OK button

For Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.x and above:

  • open Windows Explorer (e.g., Start -> Programs -> Windows Explorer)
  • View menu
  • Options...
  • File Types tab
  • New Type... button
  • Description of type: Active Worlds teleport
  • Associated extension: cgi (or nothing at all)
  • Content Type (MIME): application/x-activeworld
  • New... button
  • Action: Open
  • Application used to perform action: your full path to aworld.exe
  • uncheck Confirm open after download box
  • OK button
  • Close button
  • Close button

Thanks to "Merlin the Wise" for the tip about Internet Explorer.

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