Rome in a Day, the AW Building Tutorial

Creating landscapes and architecture out of literally nothing is one of the most enjoyable aspects of using Active Worlds. It's just like having the world's BIGGEST box of Legos, and basically unlimited building space to play in.

Plus, you can't step on these Legos in the dark. ;-)

So, you've seen Activeworlds. You know how to get around, and now you want to figure out how stake a claim and start building your own castles in the air. (Or whatever.)

I'll give an introduction to basic building techniques here. I'll try and cover everything. I have included a lot of screenshots showing exactly what to do; most of the screenshots have been reduced in size so they'll load faster. To get a full-screen-sized version, click the small version.

Keep in mind that building things is a lot more complex than just looking at them, and sometimes things just won't work out just the way you want them. I've tried to make this tutorial a gentle introduction, and as easy as possible. Work your way through the tutorial, and you ought to get along okay. The very last section of the tutorial is about where to go for help or to learn more, so if you get stuck and can't think what else to do, skip ahead to the end of the tutorial and read that. And there is an awful lot more to learn about building than what I cover here.

I've put together a step-by-step building demonstration that accompanies this tutorial. You can see the demonstration at 0.3n 32241.4w 0a 180. Keep the tutorial open in an external browser like Netscape, Mozilla, or Internet Explorer, or in the AW browser window, and look at the demonstration when necessary.

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